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What To Do If Your Pipes Are Frozen

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What To Do If Your Pipes Are Frozen

Here in Cherokee County we’re seeing plenty of frozen temperatures and winter weather so far this yer! Although many of us have enjoyed the snow, this wintry weather we’ve been hit with can also pose some serious plumbing risks. The main plumbing risk your home may be at risk for is frozen pipes. North Georgia typically doesn’t see too many cases of frozen pipes since our winters are generally mild, but this year we’ve seen more and more customers with frozen pipes due to the below freezing temperatures we’re seeing day after day. 

Ideally, your pipes won’t freeze at all. Here are a few easy steps you can take to try and prevent your pipes from freezing. 

  1. Insulate any pipes exposed to cooler air. This can include pipes that run outside your home, in your basement, or in your attic.
  2. Use an insulating dome to cover outdoor faucets and spigots.
  3. Let your indoor faucets drip. This can reduce pressure in the pipes, which drastically lowers your chance of your pipes bursting.

Although these prevention measures can greatly reduce your risk of frozen pipes in your home, these steps are not fool proof! Sometimes mother nature (and your home!) have others plans. In case your pipes DO freeze, here are some steps you can take to fix your frozen pipes and prevent damage to your home.

What To Do If Your Pipes Are Frozen-

  1. Even if your pipes have frozen, keep your indoor faucets open. Once the pipes do begin to melt, allowing water to flow out of the faucets will reduce pressure in the pipes and allow them to melt more quickly.
  2. If you know the location of your frozen pipes, you can help speed up the melting process by applying heat with an electric heating pad applied to the pipes or by aiming an electric hair dryer at the pipes.
  3. Use an electric space heater aimed at the frozen pipes. Remember, if you choose to do this, do not leave the space heater unattended and keep it away from anything flammable.
  4. If you don’t know where your frozen pipes are or believe you may be at risk of damage to your home, call a professional plumber immediately!

For help with your frozen pipes or any other plumbing emergency this winter, call the trusted experts at Masterflo Plumbing at (678) 822-7095 or send us an email! No matter what the weather is like outside, we’re on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

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